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  • Yacht charters open an entirely new level of flexibility, freedom and relaxation. It is the ultimate opportunity to escape the stress of ordinary life. Do as much or as little as you please - why not discover your own secluded cove on Vis Island to drop anchor, or simply lounge on deck in complete privacy and comfort at Palmizana on Hvar? A day on board cruising the Croatian islands is one long list of truly stunning moments: breakfast on deck with the first rays of sun, a morning swim in crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, sipping fresh coffee with the warm breeze in your hair as the boat glides through the water. Later in the day there will be time to re-acquaint with your land legs; be it browsing for souvenirs at a local market on Hvar or Vis Island, or an evening meal at a quaint bistro on Mljet Island followed by a stroll through the cobbled streets of KorculaTown. Then at last with weary eyes you will seek repose in your cabin, or why not stay on deck and sleep under the stars? Rare moments that will live long in the memory.

    Your time on board cruising along the Croatian Coastline will very much depend on your lifestyle choices and interest in cultural or recreational activities. We will ask for information on your preferences to assist you in making the most of your time on board. Yacht charters in the Adriatic will typically be arranged on a half board basis with breakfast and lunch served on deck; a chef will be on hand to serve up traditional Dalmatian dishes but will also happily accommodate any dietary requirements. Each vessel will come with a full crew. The cost of alcoholic drinks is usually met via a separate payment on conclusion of the cruise, and we consider it our pleasure to pre-arrange stocks of requested wines or beverages on board.



    Our yacht portfolio in Croatia has been hand-picked with convenience and comfort in mind. Each yacht will contain lounging areas to stretch out and unwind, and some yachts are equipped with hammock nets fitted at the aft or the bowsprit. A varying selection of marine recreational toys is also to be found on board, depending on the vessel, which can include anything from diving gear to jet skis or inflatables. We will endeavour to meet clients' specific requirements at the booking stage. All vessels also come with full Wi-Fi provision as standard. 

    Our skilled team of yacht charter brokers will tailor the charter to the nature of the occasion, be it a family sailing holiday, group of friends or couples, or a special occasion to celebrate. We provide all our clients with a personal concierge who handle organisational arrangements on their behalf. This may include booking restaurants, recommending bars, securing tickets for summer festivals, arranging private jets or airport transfers or any other possible requirements our guests might have. A typical charter agreement would contain provision for up to four hours sailing daily, and we will draw on the benefit of our considerable local experience to secure the best itinerary with the captain.

    We have intimate knowledge of the best islands and islets, coves, grottos and swimming areas to delight in, many of which may not be offered on the standard routes. For purposes of illustration, a typical day may commence with breakfast onboard, followed by a leisurely dip in the pristine waters of the Adriatic. Mid-morning the captain may up anchor, to commence a relaxing journey across to the next island. Here our advice will be invaluable in recommending the best coves and inlets to visit, perhaps for a further swim before lunch. After a meal on board some may wish to lounge on deck with a good book, while the more adventurous will disembark to dry land in pursuit of a leisurely activity or architectural treasure. In the evening, the crew may tender your party ashore for a meal at one of the local restaurants, or perhaps to visit a bar on the island, we are happy to recommend the best. Childcare services can be arranged if the kids prefer to stay onboard to watch a movie. Most vessels will charter from Split or Dubrovnik, with a popular route being a staged cruise between the two. For example, a typical seven-day itinerary would include a departure from Split, followed by a day spent moored in the waters off each of Solta, Brac, Hvar, Korcula, and Mljet before allowing time for a majestic final sail into the beautiful walled Pearl of the Adriatic - Dubrovnik.

    Highlights of chartering a yacht in Croatia 

    • Watch the sunrise or sunset - no matter how many times you have watched the sun emerge from or disappear below the horizon, the experience never gets old. The Adriatic sunsets are beautiful.
    • Siesta - a siesta i.e an afternoon nap is central to life in Dalmatia. Siesta boosts imagination, reduce stress and improve health.
    • Digital detoxing - if you choose so, you can escape the modern technology for a week.
    • Sampling the local food and wine.  New tastes expand your palate and make you think about what you normally eat and do not eat. Sea urchin anyone? The local cuisine is predominately based on freshly caught fish from the Adriatic and steamed vegetables. 
    • Sailing is a wonderful way to connect with the nature and the cosmos, it will stay with you forever. 
    • Star gazing - a zero pollution sky especially around Lastovo Island will give you the best star gazing experience. Lying on deck observing the stars in peace and quiet will give you the best meditation ever. 
    • Swimming in crystal clear waters of Adriatic. Seawater is rich in minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, sodium, calcium that act as natural cosmetics for our skin. Swimming in crystal clear waters also helps skin conditions such as eczema. 
    • Exploring stunning Venetian architecture and UNESCO historical sites.
    • Described as "a fairy tale scene than an actual place on Earth", Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of 8 country's national parks