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  • Acapella superyacht Croatia

  • January 05, 2021

  • Every day we hear or read stories about ordinary people doing remarkable things. This is one of those stories. 

    It was 2004 and we were on our way to meet Niksa, a young guy in his late twenties who owned Andjeo, the very first luxury ketch based in Croatia. Niksa's family comes from a seaside village called Doli, just outside of Dubrovnik, this was where Andjeo was moored during the winter. Upon meeting the family in Doli, we were straight away won by the warmth and hospitality of Niksa and his family, their pride in the family 100 years of shipbuilding tradition was strong and humble at the same time, their stories of their ancestors transporting salt and oil, both considered as ‘gold’ were captivating. 

    Andjeo was immaculate. The amount of ‘personal touches’ that run throughout the boat such as a large anchor on the dining table carved by Niksa’s father told a story of passion and dedication. Andjeo was an exceptional vessel, no other vessel in the Adriatic could compare with Andjeo. She was our best-selling vessel with the clients coming back every year. Some of the best testimonials we received were for Andjeo, the clients from all over the world, sharing their memories and beautiful stories about Andjeo and the crew. Having chartered Andjeo for 17 years, Niksa had decided to sell Andjeo.  He told us he wanted to build his own yacht. 

    Last summer Niksa invited us to Korcula. Korcula used to be the centre of Croatian shipbuilding industry but sadly over the years the industry totally declined. Niksa took upon himself a mammoth task to single handedly re-open an abandoned shipyard so that he can build Acapella. We have seen many yacht constructions but mainly in large shipyards run by a team of project managers, architects, electricians etc, but at the abandoned shipyard we find Niksa, his brother and his father with two more guys who help. Behind us is a 49m long hull elevated and only 3 of us standing in front of it, surreal. Make no mistake; Acapella was not an easy project. Faced with long delays due to Corona, suppliers going bust, deliveries missing and many more, Acapella fought many battles before she met the sea. 

    Our first clients are coming onboard in July – we could not have had a better gift! This is the reason why we have been chartering yachts in Croatia for over 13 years now, for these people who inspire us and remind us that everything in life is possible if you put your mind and heart to it. 


    Timeline of Acappela. Dora, Niksa and Tomo in front of Acapella on Korcula. If this story inspired you please get in touch. Acappela in her full glory can be found here. 

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