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Yacht charters open up an entirely new level of flexibility, freedom and relaxation and the opportunity to get away from the stress of ordinary life. It unlocks a magical world of exploration, dreaming and discovery. Not only do you have the best view, but next day you go and find something new and the best of all there is no traffic, no timetables, no rush, just the ultimate freedom and relaxation.

Our clients have access to tailor made itineraries created to suit their requirements. Your time on board very much depends on your lifestyle choices, catering preferences, cultural and art interest, sporting/recreational activities and more. We ask for information about you to ensure we enable you to make the most of your time on board. We also match the right yacht to the right client. The yachts differ in their layouts and specifications. For example, a family would want to have access to a yacht with a lot of water sport activities combined with visits to local aqua parks and facilities suitable for children. A group of friends would want to get access to the best beach bars, lounges and venues on the Adriatic Coastline. We provide all our clients with personal concierge services and handle all arrangements on their behalf from booking restaurants, bars, securing tickets for the summer festivals, arranging private jets and airport transfers and any possible requirements our guests might have.

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Photography by Daniella Cesarei & CTB
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